If there is no God,…

How does a watermelon come from a seed?
How does a robin sing in the tree?
How does the sun rise in the sky?
How does the bumble bee learn to fly?

How does the rain come from a cloud?
How does a peacock walk so proud?
How does a chicken come from an egg?
How does a kangaroo hop on his leg?

How does a goose fly south to migrate?
How does a bear know to hibernate?
How does a parakeet learn to talk?
How does a penguin do his walk?

How does the wind bring a cool autumn breeze?
How does a tree know to drop it’s leaves?
How does a cloud form in the sky?
How does an eagle learn to fly?

How does the body fight off disease?
How does a soldier drop to his knees?
How can a bat fly without sight?
How does a cat see in the night?

How do the stars twinkle above?
How do two people fall in love?
How can a baby come from a womb?
How can a Man rise from the tomb?

For those who don’t love Him I feel so bad,
To not know your Creator is terribly sad.
To die without Jesus is to perish alone,
To die with the Savior is life evermore!

-jim crawmer

The Word of God

The Bible is the word of God
It’s truth rings through the ages
Though atheists and infidels
Their hate and anger rages.

Kings have fought, false prophets taught
Against it’s holy pages
Now they are gone but it endures
Invincible to save us.

No one can add or they’ll be cursed
No one can take away
The words therein are solid rock
To live for everyday.

The word of God, alive and strong
The demons quake and smitten
When they hear the awesome words
The Bible says it’s written.

His commands are just and right
The faithful ones will know them
They are blessed as they obey
The windows of Heaven will open.

When in doubt, in fears, or storms,
Confusion or in trials,
His word’s a light unto our path
To lead us through the miles.

His promises will all come true
Though many would oppose them
Through faith the victory is sure
No force can ever stop them.

Thank God He breathed His breath upon
The word of God He gave us
Alive and powerful today
The Holy Bible will save us.

Though man’s domain shall turn to dust
This earth, this world be over
The Eternal word of the Living God
Shall stand and last forever.

-j. crawmer

How Many?

How many were sinking and Jesus calmed the storm?
How many lives has He transformed?

How many broken has He made whole?
How many minds has He consoled?

How many tears has He wiped away?
How many bills has He helped to pay?

How many marriages has He restored?
How many alcoholics shall drink no more?

How many sick have felt His touch?
How many poor have been given much?

How many violent now live in peace?
How many hurting have been released?

How many orphans have found a home?
How many widows are not alone?

How many were lost and now are found?
How many addicts are no longer bound?

How many oppressed have been set free?
How many sinners has Jesus made clean?

How many lonely have found a friend?
How many dying shall live again?

-Jim Crawmer

Monkey On Your Back

It seemed so innocent and it looked like fun,
Come take a puff, be like everyone.
The first little drag, it makes you gag,
Then soon you’ll find, it’s got your mind.

Standing outside of school seemed really cool,
But what happened to me? I’m no longer free.
Lots of kids do it so it’s no big crime,
But many people die before their time.

It’s hard to run like you used to do,
You’re out of breath, you played the fool.
It steals your breath and it makes you stink,
What a trick, there’s a cancer link.

It costs a lot and it makes you hack,
What seemed like fun, is a monkey on your back!
It’s a strong addiction, it holds you fast,
Is there any hope will it always last?

There’s someone who cares, who feels your pain,
The Lord Jesus Christ can break the chain!
He’s the Son of God and it’s plain to see,
Jesus can truly set the captives free.

So give Him your life and don’t hold back,
Follow Jesus Christ, you’re on the right track.
Whenever you stumble or temptation is near,
Just call on Jesus and He’ll be there.

No greater friend will you ever find,
Jesus is so loving, so good and kind.
So follow the Lord and you will see,
He’ll bless your life, you’ll be happy and free.

-J. Crawmer

Tweety (The Talking Parakeet)

He’s small and he’s yellow,
He’s quite a nice fellow,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

He’ll swing and he’ll play,
With his toys all the day,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

He chirps loud and clear,
You’d best plug your ear,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

For him life’s a game,
He’s really quite tame,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

He’s a spiritual bird,
He preaches the Word,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

He’ll ride on your shoulder,
He thinks it’s a boulder,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

He’s quite a nice guy,
He’s trying to fly,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

Won’t complain ‘bout the weather,
But don’t ruffle his feathers,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

He’s not much for walking,
But he’ll do the talking,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

When you consider the price,
He’s really quite nice,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

God’s creation is neat,
And this bird’s really sweet,
He sits on his swing and goes “tweet”.

-j. crawmer