Heavens Praise Music

It’s our pleasure to introduce a special musical experience: Heavens Praise. We invite you to discover the rich sounds and powerful dynamics of contemporary praise guitar. Feel the freedom, experience the passion, soar with us to the Heavens!

In “Surrounded By Love” you’ll find beautiful guitar harmonies with powerful solos lifting praise to God. You’ll discover touching slow songs and explosive fast ones. Multiple guitars playing in stereo will delight your ears and listening through headphones is a real pleasure. The songs will put a smile in your heart because the joy of the Lord is our strength. There is no darkness here- only love, joy, and light! Songs included are “Surrounded By Love”, “Give Me Jesus”, “Love Him”, “Jammin’ In The Summertime”, “Were You There?”, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, “Wah Fullin”, “He Is Lord”, “Running the Race”, “Amazing Grace Forever”, and 5 more for about 70 minutes of music! You’re in for a real treat and a great musical experience with “Surrounded By Love”.

Christian music is inspirational and worship music is the music of Heaven. Jesus is alive and there is life and power in songs about Him. Enjoy the music and may it bless you and draw you closer to Jesus. Our prayer is that everyone would love, serve, and praise Jesus… Forever!

Listening previews and downloads are available on Amazon. Click here to go to our music page on Amazon!